Animal Adoption Agency is urging all Australians to seriously consider who is responsible for the breeding of their chosen pup and to educate themselves on what puppy farms are. 


The recent episode in Western Australia outlines the seriousness of this problem and how the unsuspecting public is supporting the systematic and profitable abuse of dogs through their purchases online and through pet-shops.

Lee and Fiona Amiti From Animal Adoption Agency are all too familiar with the industry problem of puppy-farms.

“How could it be stopped? Answer: Warrant. Get a warrant to check where these puppies come from so we catch the bad guys,” Fiona Amiti from Animal Adoption Agency says. “There needs to be an authority that can handle this problem and put a stop to it.”

“Secondly, all these puppy litters are transported overseas and interstate on a regular basis. So pet transport companies are supporting the puppy farmer by regularly booking flights for them,” Lee Amiti says

Animal Adoption Agency has first-hand experience of the puppy-farm industry.

“It’s not a pretty sight, let me tell you” Fiona says.

This animal abuse if purely for profit, with dogs spending a lifetime giving birth in horrendous conditions to satisfy the insatiable need for pups.

“Estimated $250,000 – 500,000 per 50 dogs tax free,” Lee says. “It is obviously an addiction to them at the expense of the animals welfare.”

Animal Adoption Agency is urging all puppy seekers to look elsewhere, and always do their homework. Also consider adopting. This has been proven to be one of the most rewarding experiences of pet ownership.

“When buying from pet shops, most of the consumers are innocent. They don’t know where the animals have come from. People want a brand new puppy while others want to adopt.  But it’s paramount that everyone checks exactly where the pups have come from.”

“Awareness is the only thing we can do to educate people.”

The is also the issue of the pups being sick and having serious behavioural issues due to the environment in which they were born.

“Quite a lot of dogs, from puppy-farms, develop separation or other anxiety issues and at the Animal Adoption Agency when we rehome these dogs we educated the new owners, making sure they are aware of the possible problems and to make sure the pup and the owners are the perfect match.”

“We live in a world where we just want things NOW and it’s just a few clicks away or just simply buying things at the major shopping centres,” Fiona says.

“Sadly this is where the puppy-farm pups are, and by purchasing them, you are allowing this industry to thrive and lining the pockets of animal abusers.”

Please think before you purchase. A dog should be a lifetime commitment and not a spur of the moment disposable decision.