Breed: Dalmation
Age: 2.5 years
Gender: Female
Desexed: Yes
Micro-chipped: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes

Adoption fee:

Meet Sniper

Background:    – Sniper, a vibrant 2.5-year-old female Dalmatian, was surrendered due to her previous relocating. Despite this setback, she is filled with love and enthusiasm, yearning for a forever home where she can share her playful spirit.

🏡 Ideal Home:    – Sniper thrives in an environment that is lively and welcoming to her playful nature.    – She would love a home with a yard where she can romp around freely and burn off her boundless energy.    – An ideal family for Sniper would be one where she would she would be played with and go for walks.  She is friendly and enjoys the company of her furry friends.

💖 Personality:    – Sniper is a bundle of joy, always ready for fun and adventure.    – She loves to play fetch, go for long walks, and explore new places.    – Sniper is incredibly friendly and sociable, both with humans and other dogs, making her the perfect companion for any family.

🎂 Age:    – At 2.5 years old, Sniper is in the prime of her life and ready to bring endless joy and laughter to her forever family.

🏠 Dream Adoption:    – Sniper is looking for patient and understanding owners who can provide her with the love and attention she deserves.    – A family that enjoys spending time outdoors and engaging in activities would be the perfect match for Sniper.    – With the right guidance and care, she is sure to thrive and become an integral part of her new family’s life.

🐾 Let’s make Sniper’s dream come true! 🏡💕

If you would like to give her a home please call us on 02 4777 4746 to arrange a meeting.

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