🐾 Meet Bailey the Kelpie! 🐾

📍: Willoughby NSW 2068

📞: Sasha – 0426 364 742

Bailey, a handsome and spirited 6-year-old Kelpie, is eagerly searching for his forever family. With his years of wisdom and playful spirit, he’s the perfect blend of maturity and boundless energy.

This charming Kelpie is not just looking for a new home; he’s seeking a loving family to share his adventures with. Bailey’s friendly demeanor extends to humans and animals alike, making him a delightful companion for both two-legged and four-legged friends. Whether it’s cozying up on the couch or exploring the great outdoors, Bailey is always up for an adventure.

With his strong herding instincts, Bailey is ready to impress you with his intelligence and agility. From mastering new tricks to chasing balls in the backyard, he’s eager to show off his skills. While Bailey adores the company of children, he would thrive best in a home with older kids who understand his need for space and respect his boundaries.

Having recently experienced the loss of his father, Bailey is in need of stability and love. With your patience and understanding, he’s sure to blossom into the loyal and devoted companion he’s destined to be.

We hope you are ready for Bailey, because your new best friend is ready for you! 🐾❤️