🐾 Meet Mia, a charming 7-year-old female Staffy with a heart as big as her enthusiasm for life.

✨ Background: Mia is a quiet and gentle soul, always ready to shower her family with affection and love. When excitement takes hold, she can’t help but express her joy through joyful jumps, her tail wagging with exuberance. A good ear rub and a tasty treat are surefire ways to win her heart.

🐾 Behavioural Assessment:  As an outdoor enthusiast, Mia thrives in the fresh air and wide-open spaces. However, she hasn’t quite mastered the art of toilet training yet, so she’ll need a little guidance in that area. Despite her love for the outdoors, Mia hasn’t had much interaction with other dogs since her Chihuahua companion passed away a few years ago. However, she previously coexisted peacefully with them, showing her adaptable and friendly nature.

🎂 Age:  7 years – but still has the excitement of a puppy.

💖 Personality:  One of Mia’s endearing quirks is her occasional penchant for digging, although it’s not a constant habit. Despite this minor mischievous streak, Mia’s overall demeanor is one of sweetness and charm. She’s a social butterfly, greeting strangers with warmth and minimal barking, making her a delightful companion in any setting.

🏠 Reason for Rehoming:  Unfortunately, Mia’s need for outdoor space clashes with her family’s relocation plans, as they won’t be able to provide her with the yard she deserves for a fulfilling life. As a result, they’re reluctantly seeking a new home where Mia can thrive and continue spreading her boundless love and joy.

📞 Contact Details: Paige – 0431626720

Let’s help Mia find the perfect family where she can continue to spread her love and receive the care she deserves! 🏡💕