🐾 Meet Mila: The Cuddly Bull Mastiff 🐾

Background:    – Mila, a lovable Bull Mastiff, is in search of a new forever home due to unforeseen circumstances.    – A rescue dog, Mila has a heart full of love to give and is ready to become a cherished member of a loving family.

🏡 Ideal Home:    – Mila thrives in a peaceful environment where she can be the centre of attention as the only pet.    – Ideally suited for a family with older children or adults who can provide her with the love and affection she craves.

💖 Personality:    – Mila is the epitome of a gentle giant, believing she’s a tiny dog in a big dog’s body.    – She adores cuddling and would happily spend hours curled up on her bed or in your lap, soaking in all the love and affection.

🎂 Age:    – 2 years old, Mila is in the prime of her life, ready to share her unwavering love with her new family.

🐾 Behavioural Assessment:    – Mila requires a patient owner who is willing to work with her to build her confidence and help her feel secure in her new environment.

🏠 Reason for Rehoming:    – Mila’s current family is facing a change in circumstances, necessitating a move to a smaller rental.    – With two small children under two and unable to provide the attention Mila deserves, they seek a loving home where she can thrive.

📞 Contact Details:    – To offer Mila a loving home, please contact Emily on 0402 562 403.

Let’s help Mila find the perfect family where she can continue to spread her love and receive the care she deserves! 🏡💕