🐾 Meet Piper: The Playful Ridgeback Mix 🐾

Background:    – Piper, a spirited Ridgeback mix, is seeking a loving forever home.    – Surrendered due to the need for undivided attention.

🏡 Ideal Home:    – Prefers a spacious and active household with a yard for playtime.    – Best suited as the only pet to receive ample love and attention.

💖 Personality:    – Playful and energetic, Piper thrives on interactive activities.    – Loyal and affectionate, she forms strong bonds with her human companions.

🎂 Age:    – 2 years old and bursting with youthful energy.

🏠 Dream Adoption:    – Owners who are committed to providing daily exercise and mental stimulation.    – A loving family willing to embrace Piper’s playful nature and loyalty.

🐾 Let’s make Piper’s dream of a forever home a reality! 🏡💕

Please feel free to contact Ben on 0426494025 to talk further.