🐾 Meet Poseidon:  An adventurous 8-year-old male Siberian Husky with his rare all white coat with two coloured eyes and his spirit matches the strength of his namesake.

✨ Background: Poseidon is a noble and spirited companion, always ready to embark on new adventures with his family by his side. Despite his age, Poseidon’s love for exploration and his boundless energy make him an ideal partner for outdoor enthusiasts. With his striking appearance and magnetic personality, Poseidon leaves a lasting impression on everyone he encounters.

🐾 Behavioral Assessment: Poseidon’s heart belongs to the great outdoors, he loves to talk and is very vocal to humans.  He thrives amidst the vastness of nature and the freedom of open spaces. While he may excel in outdoor pursuits.  Poseidon does get along with other pets that he knows but is very cautious with them and does not always like new dogs getting too close to him.

🎂 Age: 8 years – yet his enthusiasm for life and his playful spirit defy the limitations of time.

💖 Personality: Poseidon’s adventurous streak is evident in his occasional urge to explore and his zest for discovery. Despite his love for excitement, Poseidon possesses a gentle and affectionate soul.  He is good with strangers whilst on a walk but if he is at home and a stranger comes to the front side of the property he will bark until he no longer sees the person. Poseidon is a good dog.

📞 Contact Details: For more information about Poseidon and how you can provide him with a loving forever home, please contact Jonah 0430 398 986

Let’s join together to help Poseidon find the perfect family where he can continue to explore, adventure, and share his boundless love for life. 🏡💕