🐾 Meet Tyga 🐶


  • Raised in a loving family environment.
  • Sadly, needs rehoming due to the owners’ relocation to a smaller yard.

🏡 Ideal Home:

  • Seeks a cozy and comfortable space to call his own.
  • A large yard where he can play freely.

💖 Personality:

  • Gentle and affectionate, Tyga thrives on companionship.
  • Enjoys lounging by your side and cuddling up for love.

🎂 Age:

  • 8 years old, filled with years of wisdom and loyalty.

🏠 Dream Adoption:

  • A family or individual who understands his need for love and stability.

🐾 Let’s find Tyga the forever home he deserves! 🏡💕

Please send us a message and we will pass on the contact details for Tyga’s current owners.