Hi Lee,

Just to give you an update on a cat we adopted from you back in September whose name is ‘Muriel’. We just thought you might like an update on how she has settled in.

The kids love her and she is becoming accustomed to our dog Shermy.

She is very well behaved and does not scratch the furniture or have any other unsociable habits. After keeping her inside only for the first month, we have had a few interesting times as a result of her first forays into the garden! I am pretty sure that she was not an outside cat in her previous life. She is very funny to watch outside and is unlike any other cat I have had in that she is quite clumsy when she is outside. It seems like the garden was an alien planet to her.

After several months of garden experience though she is very keen to get outside every morning and enjoys her freedom out there.

We are very grateful to have found Muriel, and thank you for the great work you are doing in rehoming animals.

Kind Regards,

The Smoth Family