Poppy’s adoption has been an absolute joy to witness! She has settled into her new home with all the grace of a seasoned feline, exploring every nook and cranny with curiosity and confidence. Her family has gone above and beyond to ensure she feels safe and secure, providing her with all the comforts she deserves.

One highlight of Poppy’s new abode is her very own cat pen, designed to give her the best of both worlds: the freedom to enjoy the outdoors while keeping her safe from any potential hazards. Poppy spends her days basking in the sunlight, watching birds flutter by, and indulging in the occasional outdoor adventure—all while under the watchful eye of her devoted humans.

In short, Poppy is thriving in her new home, radiating contentment and bringing endless joy to those around her. It’s clear that she has found her forever family, and they couldn’t be happier to have her as their cherished companion.

Congratulations Poppy and Family xx