Lee and Fiona:

This is to let you both know that I appreciated the new mum and dad you have found for me. They have entertained me from the day I arrived.

My first weekend has been busy with walks, car rides, swimming, and a bath (could have done without the last one) I get to come in side at night until its bed time, and then I go outside to sleep in my new kennel, complete with futon and cushion. I also have a day bed, as all well to do ladies should have.

I also have a new cat friend. She is 20 and getting on a bit, so I leave her alone, but I do get a bit rough when I have to get to my bear.

I have seen Kangaroos, and they ran away so I barked at them to come back and play, but I don’t think they wanted to. I also met a small Jack Russell terrier this morning on my walk to get the paper, who wanted to bash me, (they are a bit rough in the country), but my dad saved me.

I am slowly educating them on what I like to eat, but apart from that, I couldn’t be happier.

With licks and wags