A Day in the life of Olivia and Gizmo
Mum and Dad are usually the first ones up in the morning meaning that they have to walk downstairs to let the dogs out so that they can use the backyard as their toilet. Olivia usually doesn’t even go to the toilet first though because being the social little dog she is, she usually bounds up the stairs in search of the kids. All we hear, while we are still half asleep is the pitter patter of her tiny feet racing up the stairs to greet us hello. Gizmo’s footsteps heard no longer after hers. Olivia usually has a little jacket on during the day as she gets colder easier than Gizmo. We were surprised to see how fast their hair grew, not too long after we got them from the adoption agency we got them pampered and all their hair trimmed but Olivia’s hair was cut too short and we could no longer put a little bow in her hair.
Olivia and Gizmo have very different personalities as you may know, we have figured out by observation that Olivia, nicknamed Livy, sees herself as the leader of the pack. She likes to take charge and it’s almost as if she bosses Gizmo around. Whereas Gizmo, nicknamed Gizzy or Fluffy, is the protector of our home, barking at every single visitor and running around the garden frantically as if the birds are going to invade the house and take all the food.
We have been so happy to have these adorable little bundles of fluff in our house and every day we still squeal over how adorable they are. They have settled in nicely with their own bedroom (the laundry room) and their special hiding spots and preferred sleeping areas (usually our beds). They get tired very quickly, usually falling asleep early evening because of the fun packed day including walks and playtime with us kids.

On hot days we place them in the pool and help them cool down a little while swimming alongside them and admiring their doggy paddle. Our family consists out of a 14 year old girl, an 11 year old girl and an 8 year old boy and of course a mum and a dad. We’ve been so blessed to have these little dogs in our lives and we will continue to take care of them and love them for as long as we possibly can.