Below is another lovely email by Kobey’s new family.

In May last year our family became a family of five! We adopted Kobey (kennel name: Alex) and took him in as an addition to our family. Kobey has settled in well and it feels like he has been here forever. Kobey loves to speed around the house and the back yard like a lunatic. His favorite games are: fetch, tug of war, chaises in the backyard and wrestling. He especially likes to go on long walks and meeting new friends at the local dog park. He has destroyed countless toys and has learnt to flick them up in the air and catch them again. During dinner time he sits at your feet and waits to see if you drop anything! People often ask us where he came from – and we happily tell them “Animal Adoption Agency – look them up on the web”.


Shona, Ron, Alex and Andrea