Hi Lee,

I just wanted to send you a note, to let you know how well Max (AKA Ice) has fitted into our family 🙂

It took him a few weeks to settle in, but now it feels like he has always been here. He adores my older female dog (Ruby) and she has taken to him really well… she even licks his little face (Awwww!….)

Max now answers to his name, sleeps in my bedroom in his bed, comes with us on morning and evening walks and is an absolute joy to have around. He likes his toys and I think would chase his ball until he flops (so I make sure he has plenty of in between rests!! Lol). He didn’t seem to mind wearing a collar, but I found a small harness seems to work better for him for walking on a lead (which he now does very well!).. and he stays close when off lead in the park or on a river walk. He is a super little dog, with a great temperament and a cheeky personality.

It’s lovely to have 2 dogs again.

I have attached a few pics of Max and Ruby

I am extremely pleased that I have him.