Hi there,


Phil and I just wanted to touch base to let you know how Pablo (previously known as Ozzie), has settled in.


the first couple of day’s he was a bit unsure of everything and whilst we know it’ll still take a while for him to trust us and know we are his people, I have to say, he has been an absolute pleasure so far!


He loves he belly rub time on the couch, he has made friends with the two Frenchies next door and goes absolutely bat sh*t crazy with excitement when we take him down the road to Curl Curl beach – where everyone in sight loves to pat him!


So many people have commented on what a handsome lad he is and how well behaved and friendly he is.


We bought him SEVERAL tennis balls (all of which have been destroyed ahah) so we think we should buy shares in a tennis ball company since we will be buying a tonne of them!


I’ve attached some pics for you to see!