Animal Adoption Agency

Pet Adoption in Sydney

The Animal Adoption Agency, located in Sydney Australia, is an organisation run by a very dedicated husband and wife team Lee and Fiona Amiti. They devote their lives to taking in animals and finding them happy new homes. Lee and Fiona both have a great love for animals & are sure to provide nothing but the best for the animals in their care.


Animal adoption = a friend for life!

Looking to adopt a dog or cat… maybe a rabbit or guinea pig could be what you’re after?

At our shelter a number of animals are waiting for the right homes. You could be the perfect person for one of these animals. Pet adoption has never been simpler. We can help you adopt a pet who is waiting just for you!



You can pay a holding deposit for any pet with these credit cards over the phone.

Phone: (02) 4777 4746


Older Pets

Want to adopt a pet in Sydney, but don’t want to go through the rigmarole of toilet training, obedience school and settling in? Don't forget an older pet has just as much love to give as the others! There are no dreaded puppy stages to go through, they are just waiting for loving owners to adopt them and show all the love they deserve! Just as us humans shouldn't lay around all day, older dogs need to continue exercising to keep their hearts and muscles strong. You can still take your dog for walks, play fetch, and many more fun games they enjoy. Your pet will still appreciate the time it spends with you in its later years.

Why consider an older pet?

An older pet CAN adapt to a new living environment. An older dog CAN also learn new tricks! Just because its previous owner can no longer provide care for their pet…it does not mean life must stop for an innocent animal. For an older pet, adoption means a second chance at life.

An older pet may just be ideal for your current living situation. You may like a large dog, but don’t have a huge back yard, but an older dog may be the perfect solution for your needs. They usually love to laze around or just go for a short stroll, mainly just being a loved part of the family.

If you are living on your own or even getting older yourself, you may not have all the time or energy required to train a new puppy, so an older dog that has already been trained & has had many experiences can be very adaptable. An easy going & calm pet may just be what you need. Well we can certainly help you find the perfect pet for your needs.

Please contact us if you would like to give a deserving chance to one of our older animals!



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Surrendering a pet - Dogs, Cats & other household pets.

  • A "NOT GUILTY" way of finding your animal a new home.
  • Your pet will SURVIVE to see a loving new home!

If you are in a situation where you can no longer keep your pet…then you should be so happy to have found us!

Surrendering an animal does not have to be so painful. You have found an option that you may not have thought existed. We are here to give your pet the best possible home that it truly deserves.

Sometimes situations arise that you may not have been prepared for. Surrendering your pet may have never entered your mind…until now. Things happen in life that we can’t always prevent & you are forced to give up a part of your family. It’s sad, but it’s also reality.

Are you moving into a home that does not allow pets….or do you have to downsize to a place that would not be fair to keep your animal? Perhaps you are starting a new family & are worried how your pet will react…this can be putting your family at risk when there is a jealous pet involved. Your pet may just be causing you some hassle that you can no longer cope with…what ever the reason, we can help

Informing us of your animal’s behaviour can really help us determine the best possible home for your pet. Any behavioural issues may be rectified through training. We believe that the animals deserve a chance and can find their perfect home through our experienced screening & assessments.

There is a one-off fee that applies when you surrender a pet to us. This fee helps to cover some of the costs involved in finding your pet a happy new home. Just remember that we do guarantee your pet a good home no matter how long it takes, without resulting in euthanasia. Now this should give you peace of mind!

Please contact us for a quote on finding your pet the best home possible!