Adopt a dog in Sydney

We have several lovely dogs residing with us who are looking for their forever homes. If you’re looking for a new friend with a great character and lots of love to give, why not adopt a dog?

If you have been considering getting a dog and would like to give one of these little guys a second chance through Sydney dog adoption, we encourage you to read their individual profiles and contact us with the animal’s name.

We can send you photographs and provide you with extra information about the pet, as well as friendly and practical advice about pet adoption in general.

What do you need to know before adopting a dog?

It is important to consider whether you have the space at home, the time and the budget to look after a dog. We can help advise you on the costs of pet ownership, as well as point you towards insurance providers.

All adult animals are desexed, micro-chipped, wormed & vaccinated. There is an adoption fee involved to cover that expense. You can see the exact fee on each dog’s individual profile page.

Small Dogs


Medium Dogs


Large Dogs